Monday, July 30, 2012

So Much to Write, But so Little Time... For Now

There is much on my mind.

We just returned from a week's vacation up through Oregon, Washington and into Canada.

Exactly six days before we left, we moved.

Tomorrow we leave for San Francisco for a baseball game and to pick up Clement, our french exchange student that stayed with us last summer. He's coming for another visit, and his parents and younger brother are coming out to meet us in a couple of weeks.

Life is moving along here. It feels like summer just started, and yet it's ending (only officially, because school starts again INSANELY early)!

We are soaking up the moments. Trying not to let the smiles and laughter go un-noticed as we flow through each of these summer days.

I will write specifics later. I thought it might be easier if I leave a note to self about what I want to write about. You know, that's how a forty-something Mama of three boys operates... Lots of notes to self. :)

1. The move!

2. Vacation

3. More gratitude (always more)

4. The view from here

It could be a few days until I get around to undisturbed intimacy with my lap top. That's okay though.... The important thing for me is to have AS MANY undisturbed and intimate moments with my family.

I'll be back!

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The Holbrook Family said...

Can't wait. Until then, enjoy the final weeks of summer with your fam. Hugs!