Friday, October 5, 2012

20 Years

It has been a week now. A week since we started our trek back from a week of unforgettable times together.

My hubby and I celebrated twenty years of marriage last week.

Twenty years of laughing and crying together.

Twenty years of traveling the hills and valleys of this life.

Twenty years of being being side by side with my best friend.

My love has always been able to "Wow" me. It is a gift that he has, and one that I will never take for granted. Last week was no exception! We traveled to the ocean for our celebration get away. My hubby put every drop of thought into every moment of our stay. From the incredibly romantic place where we stayed, to the chocolate dipped strawberries and wine that awaited us in our breath-taking room... EVERY detail had been taken care of. We walked the beaches, we sat by the ocean in big adirondack chairs next to warm fire pits. We read together, and we overall ENJOYED each other. We had no distractions... Nobody needing us anywhere. Nowhere to rush off to. It was just us... Together. Twenty years later... He pursues me. He pursues my heart.

My sweet husband ~ Thank you for such an incredible time. You are an amazing man. Thank you for always knowing just how to capture my heart and speak into those spaces within me that need you so desperately. Thank you for continuing to hold my hand tightly... Even when it hasn't been easy. Thank you for sharing the gift of you, with me. You are a treasure!

I love you ~

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