Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Teenager In The House!

So it's been a week now. A week since my 12 year old quickly pushed me past the threshold of motherhood again. He saw fit to make me the mother of yet another teenager! Yes, we celebrated our sweet Colby's thirteenth birthday just last Friday. It's been a crazy (but amazing) week, so I'm just now getting around to writing his birthday letter. My boys have come to notice that I do this now, and they look forward to it. I'm sure that by now Colby's probably thinking that I forgot. Colby, I assure you... I would never. Colby has taught me a lot this year. As he likes to prove to everyone around him, he is a boy who is most always all about business. He is straight forward. There are no guessing games when it comes to him. He will never hide the truth, and as a matter of fact... His delivery of the truth has been known to shock people. Having a conversation with Colby is entertaining and enlightening. For such a young man, he has a lot of wisdom. He sees things differently than most thirteen year old kids. He gets life. He gets how hard it is to live up to what is expected of him as a follower of Jesus. He becomes disappointed in himself when he fails. In fact, sometimes I feel like I don't need to punish him when he might deserve it, because he is handing himself a much harder punishment. Colby continues to amaze us on the soccer field. He is quite the "Energizer Bunny" out there that just keeps going... No matter how hot it may be. Fall isn't here yet people, it is HOT! He gets right in there with some boys that look to be twice his size and steals the ball away while making it look easy. He loves his fancy foot work the most. Our French exchange student showed him some cool stuff that Colby now LOVES to put into play at his games. It's fun to watch! Most of all though... He's just a good guy. He works hard at what he does, and never stops trying to improve. He knocks my socks off with his spiritual insight too! Sometimes I feel like I've been to church when I head off to bed at night after kneeling beside his bedside. Happy birthday Colby Robert! You are a blessing to me and to our family. Our lives are richer because of you. This year my prayer for you is that you will continue to remain strong and steady in your faith. More than ever before, you will begin to experience new challenges. As of this day, I do not worry about how you will handle these things, because your relationship with Jesus is constant and sweet. I pray that this relationship only becomes sweeter as you learn how to shut the world out of places it doesn't belong. You and those beautiful blue eyes of yours are like a breath of fresh air to me sometimes. I pray that you will be that same breath of fresh air to those around you. You are loved. Love, Mama

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The Holbrook Family said...

Aaaah, Colbster! Happy birthday dear one! Much love to the Gray family.