Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Grateful Heart

My day is coming to a close. I am tired. Actually, I am tired of being tired.

But such is life.

The days are all so busy that they seem to collide with each other faster and without pausing. My days are so much different than they used to be. They seem so calculated... Predictable.

The alarm clock sounds.

I set my feet on the cold floor, only to be stunned that it's time to do it all again.

I go through the morning rituals of preparations for the day... Wash, brush, apply, etcetera.

The boys and I all pile into the van and we head out in to our separate, yet also connected daily journeys.

I enter a classroom full of children that make my insides smile. They need me, and I have discovered that I need them too. They teach me as I teach them.

When the school bells sound, I gather all of my men (big and small-ish) and we playfully talk about our day's journeys. It is all so good.

It is good because I am grateful. I am grateful because I have it all. Really... I do.

I have got to be the richest woman alive! Is my life perfect? No, it is far from that. Grace allows me to see past all of the imperfections though, and into a life that is blessed beyond measure with everything that I had ever hoped for... And so much more.

So although I am tired of being tired, and even though it will all begin again in just a few hours... I go to bed tonight with a grateful heart.

Grateful for ALL of it.

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