Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He Wants To Be A Hot Dog Man!

Sometimes my favorite part of posting is coming up with the title. What can I put there that will make everyone want to read on? So... how am I doing on this one???

A few weeks ago, the kids and I went into Sacramento to have lunch with Dad. We do that every now and then, and it always proves to be GREAT fun! Jason has a way of picking places that are quaint, cozy and a blast for the boys. During this visit we ate at a little place called Capital Dawg. It's a hot dog joint... very small... very cute... and AWESOME service!! The owner actually pretty much sat down with us and had lunch. There were baseball prints on the walls as well as autographed prints of movie stars and band members. The kids scarfed down their dogs while checking out all the "art". I highly recommend it to my local readers... FUN PLACE!

Later that day, when Jason came home from work, he handed over some books that he had checked out at the library for the boys. He LOVES to do this for them! He surprises them with all kinds of different reading material. One of the titles that he picked up for Caleb was 'Stan The Hot Dog Man'. It's about a 65 year old man who retires from his job, but he still has too much "spunk" to sit around all day, so he starts his own hot dog business. He has a truck (much like an ice cream truck) that he has stocked up with hot dogs and ALL of their fixin's (don't read this one if you're REALLY hungry) to take on the road. Before you know it... he's got a booming business and Stan's favorite part is the fact that he gets to leave for work late and he gets home to his wife early. It's a cute book written and illustrated by a husband and wife team.

Anywhoo... back to the title.

Caleb announced yesterday that he wants to be a hot dog man when he grows up.

He made this announcement at the dinner table, and the reactions were quite remarkable. Jason almost choked on his corn bread, Colby rolled his eyes (remember... he's the one who wants to OWN a Porsche dealership someday) and Luke couldn't have been MORE excited! The announcement didn't stun me in the least. I've always known that Caleb will hold some kind of employment that requires him to be outside. He's NOT a desk man, and MOST definitely not a company man! Luke started strategizing all of the best ways to market his business. He even came up with the idea to have a jingle playing from his truck. You know... like the ice cream trucks do. It would play 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game'. Pretty good, huh? Maybe Luke will go into advertising.

This all made me think. One of the things I pray about the most for my boys is their ability to really capture what they enjoy doing in life and make a life doing it. There are few things sadder in life than seeing adults going through life dreading each day because they hate what they are doing. Now I know that life won't always be a bouquet of flowers for anybody. There are always things that frustrate you and get you down. I'm doing what I always set out to do, but there are days when I'd give anything to work on some assembly line in Mexico! BUT... the days end and I always go to bed feeling like the luckiest girl alive because I'm doing what I love. That's what I want for them.

If selling hot dogs makes Caleb happy, and he's able to provide for his family doing it... then POWER TO THE DOG MAN!

I'm sure that not too many parents out there dream of their son driving a hot dog truck. I'm not saying here that this is MY dream for him. What I AM saying is that if I'm on my knees, diligently praying specific things for my children... If I'm educating them on good character and most importantly, seeking the will of God, then their lives are covered. God hears me and he hears them. He knows their hearts and what delights them. He knows if driving a hot dog truck is what will bring ultimate happiness and satisfaction to Caleb.

I will never again judge someone who holds a job like this. What may look menial to me, may mean the WORLD to someone else.

Oh, and Dad... this may be your ticket "home". I believe this area has an un-tapped hot dog market. Luke can help you with the details. :0)


Dad said...

This made my day! Where do I sign up? With Caleb and Luke providing support, and the financial backing of Colby's Porsche dealership, this is nothing short of a win/win proposition!

partyoffivetn said...

Tonight at church we wrote prayers for our children...and one of the "parts" was what do you want for your child as far as success? and part of what I prayed was that they would find something they were happy with...loved this post...and will have to remember what you said what seems menial to us may mean the world to someone else...