Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Am I?

Late last night I was traveling home from a meeting and grocery shopping. I was driving home on an absolutely GORGEOUS night. The night sky was completely illuminated by a moon that shone brightly through the darkness. The tall pines and oaks that lined the road and mountainsides were shadowed and they looked amazingly majestic. I enjoyed my drive home and was literally brought to tears as I listened to this song by Shawn McDonald. It is called 'Beautiful'. I experienced God's presence with me in a very real way last night.

I am but a grain of sand here on this earth. My little 5 foot self is soooo tiny in the scheme of all that HE has created. Yet... He views me and my life as being as big as those tall majestic pines that have been living for a hundred years (or more). He has created me from the inside out with the same hands that created the beauty that surrounds me. He holds me within the same hands that hold the stars.

He is my King... He is my Savior. He is beautiful.

The beauty that my God has created is all around me. It is on the faces of my children. It is in the spirit of my husband. The beauty is evident in the very place in which I live... the trees, the mountains, and the moon which casts such a spectacular glow.

I am so small. I am His little girl though. The one He loves dearly and the one whose innermost being is intimately known by Him.

I am His.


T said...

i love you and miss you.

Dad said...

You are God's little girl, but you will always be my little girl too.