Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Puppies and Lint

It's been a busy couple of weeks... Spring has sprung!

Baseball is in full "swing" with our first game being last night. We won our first game 10-2... Yeaaaa!! We've been busy studying for our end of the year testing, but not without many interuptions from the newest member of the family. Copper came home the middle of the month. He is such a good pup... but a puppy he is! His greatest goal at the moment is to chew up any and ALL of my furniture. Lucas has been wonderful with him, but he is starting to show signs of "post-partum". Can you even experience that with a puppy?? Watching my son go through these days of exasperation... my answer to that is YES!

Several weeks ago the boys and I were discussing Lent and it's importance. We were talking about what we could each give up during Lent that would be a significant sacrifice. They, of course thought I should give up coffee. I told them that for their own safety... I didn't think that was a good idea. We aren't candy freaks, but we do like to enjoy an occasional treat around here. I usually have a candy dish filled with seasonal candy on top of my piano in the living room. I treat them (and myself) to a piece here and there throughout the day for good behavior, great studying, just because... you get the point. So we decided that we would give up candy for Lent. Colby made sure to ask exactly when Lent ended since he knows Easter basket time is almost here. The first couple of days, maybe even a week... we did okay. No HUGE withdrawals, but definitely noticing a significant sacrifice.

Last week I noticed something as I was walking past my piano. Next to the candy dish were little wooden blocks spelling out


Apparently, Caleb was noticing the pangs a little more than the rest of us, and he thought it would be helpful to remind himself why he shouldn't dip into the stash! I loved that fact that he spelled LINT instead of LENT.

So cute....


partyoffivetn said...

Lint!!! I love it! This is the first year in many that I haven't given up one around here does and they look at me funny when I have. I just didn't get my mind wrapped around it...though giving up candy this year may have done me in and for the safety of my is probably for the best...

The Estrogen Factory said...

Such cute pictures!!! Your boys are getting so big! Adorable puppy! My children and I had the same conversation about lent and my diet coke. Just not a good idea. For anyone around here.

Love you guys!!!

Talysa said...

precious! That puppy is absolutely edible I do believe...I could just eat him up!