Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Day of Gifts

Today was a rare day. We had nothing on our calendar. It was another abnormally gorgeous day, so we packed a picnic lunch and headed for the higher hills for some family time. There was lots of time for reflection on all that God has been teaching me lately. It can be a bit overwhelming actually. I have shared with many that this book 'One Thousand Gifts' has been the ONLY book (besides THE Book) that has literally changed my life.

It has changed the way I way view my days... good and bad.

It has changed my faith system.

It has changed the way I feel about how God views me.

The gifts in my life are being numbered in a journal. They are not only being noticed, they are being recorded. The journal sits on the dining room table on top of my bible every day. The boys see me making my notes in it constantly. The other night after dinner, Caleb asked me to read some to him. I opened the book and began to read aloud. It was so neat because suddenly the whole house became quiet and everyone began to listen. That's another rare thing.

As I read my gifts, I saw smiles popping up on all of their faces as they heard me reading things that included them. I thought to myself, "Of course... This is something that they really SHOULD read too. They need to see all the ways in which they gift their mom every day. J needs to know ALL the things about him that I love so much."

When I finished I wanted to cry. That very day was a day that I had become anxious about the house thing again. UGH... When will I not? The very last gift that I had recorded that day that I read aloud to my family was, "A husband that prays". That was a very BIG gift. Don't get me wrong, my husband prays. He has since we've been married. However, he hasn't always TOLD me when he has, and he hasn't always leaned on his faith the way that he is today. That was something that was big and bold in front of my face that day... In the middle of my anxiety. Needless to say, because I felt the gift in that, I was able to rest. My anxiety subsided and the tears came. Tears of gratitude.

Today I couldn't write in my journal fast enough. There were so many gifts to behold. So many ...

Ladybugs in February
Boys climbing up rocky hills
Picnics in the forest
Rivers rushing with fresh sparkling water
Green grasses
A faint smell of spring
Holding hands with my love in the truck
Long, meandering mountain roads
Watching Luke love on Copper
A freshly bathed dog at the end of the day

Those are just a few. Tonight we will sit down at a dinner table and reflect together about these things and just how blessed we are. The biggest blessing that comes to mind for me is...

Eyes to see what's been in front of me for so long.

My heart is FULL of gratitude tonight. ~

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