Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time and Time Again


That is a word that has been on my brain a lot lately.

How do I slow down time?

When will time stop a little?

When will it be time?

How may times will this be?

I woke up early this morning. I did not sleep in the comforts of my own bed because J wasn't feeling well. I gifted him with a bed to himself to hopefully get some rest in while I gifted myself with hopefully not catching whatever bug he may have.

I woke up early to a glow of white coming in through my windows. I put my feet on the floor and slowly made my way to the window. It was still dark outside, but the glow of white was astounding! It was so white that my dark house was made bright.

The snow came again... More snow.

Just a week ago we were enjoying a near 65 degree day with a picnic lunch in the higher hills. Today, a blanket of snow covers the earth and time has stopped... If only for a while.

Almost every year that we have lived up here we have experienced this kind of snow fall. Snow that comes so surprisingly after the warmth of January. It almost always catches me off guard. I am prepared for it. There is food in the house, wood stacked for warm fires in the stove, snow clothing for the boys to wear. My spirit though? Not always prepared.

This morning I woke up early. However, I know it was more than just waking up early. It was a call for me to WAKE UP and memorize THIS day. It was a call for me to be IN this day.... For we don't know if there will be any more like it. This could be it. The white that covers the ground and the excitement in my children's eyes over the white they see out their own window might be coming to a season end.

I brew the coffee. The scent fills this house.

I squeeze my youngest as his squinty eyed self joins me on the couch. He notices the glare of white too.

I gaze out the window again. More snow is falling from the sky. Big, giant flakes.

I am awake now. My spirit is ready. Time is here. Time is now.


The Holbrook Family said...

Aaah yes, my friend. I share your sentiments. I pray J is feeling much better by tomorrow, ready for the work week. Thanks for your love and prayers for our fam. Can't wait to visit again. I miss your smile ;)

Christie said...

Lovely...just lovely